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 This is What you $25 i

You will receive a free mini website in our casting and event network.


ONce verified and you have completed the application and payment.

You will need to register in the website.

ONce you have registered in the website you will be asked questions. OUr board director will review your profile and approve it.

You will be able to use this logo on your websites and social networks.


We will include a chance for you to get tools for other things. Again once payment is cleared we will also send you a letter to welcome you into the association.

You may then use the tools we provide to help you with furthering your goals.

And give  a shout out to other members about you joining.


Go and click now and make your payment , make sure you save the invoice for future events so you can get discounts and passes for events.


Then join the online community magazine and get started right away.




Your free gift will be sent to you after the approval process.


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